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Naruto RP... yo

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Resignation. [May. 2nd, 2004|05:15 pm]
Naruto RP... yo


I'm sorry, everyone. NOTHING has happened over the last week. NOTHING. And I sure as fucking hell cannot mod this entire thing by myself. YES, it has died, YES, I am leaving, and YES, I will still be around to talk to you guys, but tough titty with the roleplay.

I'm a little angered that it had to go, especially since I tried hard to keep it going, but that never happened.

Bye, everyone.

[User Picture]From: kabootylicious
2004-05-04 04:53 pm (UTC)
... Great... =.= Not that I blame you, I mean, why try to keep alive a patient that's already dead? You know, I still really like this RP, and i'm not willing to see it die you just yet, and nothing really good has happened out of this... *sigh sadly*
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