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RP Log--Asuma, Naruto, Sakura, Chouji and some random Rain nins - Hidden Village of Leaf [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Naruto RP... yo

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RP Log--Asuma, Naruto, Sakura, Chouji and some random Rain nins [Apr. 20th, 2004|09:43 am]
Naruto RP... yo

(FYI: Shirubabes=Asuma, Darien Langley=Naruto, Hyuuga Hyou=Sakura/Various Ninjas, iwantadamnscreen=Chouji)

Shirubabes: *looks out at the rain*

Shirubabes: Hey you know what we're missing?

Shirubabes: marshmallows.

Shirubabes: if we had a campfire we could roast marshmallows.

Hyuuga Hyou: ... Don't tempt me, sensei ~_~

Shirubabes: oh sorry....

Shirubabes: well we could at least tell stories or something.

Hyuuga Hyou: I don't know any stories.

Shirubabes: *shuffles cards and deals the millionth game of Go Fish*

Darian Langely: ....

Hyuuga Hyou: *sighs, looking down at her dealt cards*

Darian Langely: how many times are we gonna play that stupid game!

Darian Langely: eh?

Shirubabes: Sorry, sorry.

Shirubabes: um, okay. *lights a lantern*

Darian Langely: =-_-= first, canasta, then gin, then hearts, then pryramids....

Darian Langely: sheesh

Shirubabes: I'll tell you guys a story.

Hyuuga Hyou: *lies down and stretches her arms above her head*

Shirubabes: Have you ever heard of the story of the Bone Eater?

Hyuuga Hyou: ...Bone Eater?

Darian Langely: .... the one that is a bug... thing? and decomposes stuff? no... I'm wrong somehow.....

Shirubabes: no no no!

Shirubabes: Okay there was an anbu member who went crazy.

Hyuuga Hyou: *sits back up and looks out the door, bored and missing Sasuke*

Shirubabes: His whole squad was killed by ninjas from Hidden Grass.

Shirubabes: long time ago, maybe thirty years?

Darian Langely: ... when you were a kid?

Shirubabes: So he went crazy, because he saw his comrades killed.

Darian Langely: wow. that's a LOOOOONG time ago, sensei

Hyuuga Hyou: He couldn't have been a kid then, genius.

Shirubabes: hmm, before I was born. When my dad was Anbu.

Shirubabes: So anyway.

Shirubabes: He was all alone, and he had no way of finding where he was, because their navigator had been killed.

Shirubabes: so he wandered about the mountains all alone.

Shirubabes: for days.

Shirubabes: with no water and no food, he started to lose his mind.
ll he wanted was to eat human flesh.

Hyuuga Hyou: *tunes out and lies down looking at the shadows of leaves cast onto the tent*

Shirubabes: So he killed them and ate them! and ate their bones too!

Hyuuga Hyou: Gross...

Shirubabes: Another team was dispatched as well.

Darian Langely: ... bones aren't edible, though. =S

Shirubabes: They met the same horrible fate.

Darian Langely: unless he was weird?

Darian Langely: gah

Shirubabes: he fried them o_o

Hyuuga Hyou: Shut up, will ya. ~_~

Darian Langely: that's nasty. o_o!

Shirubabes: So he found his way through the woods to a large beautiful lake.

Shirubabes: The lake was pristine and full of fish.

Shirubabes: People sometimes came to the lake for vacations or fishing trips

Shirubabes: And so he set traps for the unsuspecting, and ate them.

Shirubabes: They say he is still alive and even today, still waiting for a good meal.....

Shirubabes: .....of HUMAN FLESH......

Hyuuga Hyou: *startled, jumps and shrieks*

iwantadamnscreen: *is walking toward tent, reaches into chip bag (miraculously kept dry) and eats one--CRUNCH!*

Shirubabes: you know he's coming when you hear the crunch, crunch crunch....

Hyuuga Hyou: *shudders* Sensei~...

iwantadamnscreen: (Gah, I totally suck. Pretend that line came in later -_-)

Shirubabes: I hear the crunching! O_O

Darian Langely: ... did I head something? CRAP, I heard that too. =O_O=!

iwantadamnscreen: *is closer now, eats another chip--CRUNCH!*

Hyuuga Hyou: *pulls out a kunai, killer intent in her eyes* HE WON'T GET ME ALIVE. *cuts open the tent and lunges at Chouji*

Shirubabes: XD

Shirubabes: CRUNCH CRUNCH!

Hyuuga Hyou: *stops and realizes it's only Chouji* ... o_o

Hyuuga Hyou: ... -_-...

iwantadamnscreen: *falls on his ass and stares at Sakura* Jeez, I'm not *that* scary

Hyuuga Hyou: ...~_~?

Hyuuga Hyou: *turns around slowly* A... Su... Ma... Sen... Sei...

Shirubabes: XDDDDDDD

iwantadamnscreen: *stand up, picks up chip bag* Aw, look, you made me spill them

Shirubabes: *lights a smoke*

Shirubabes: Chouji!

Shirubabes: what're you doing here?

Hyuuga Hyou: You deserved it, Crunchy!

Shirubabes: Looking for a snack?

Darian Langely: .... =-_-=

iwantadamnscreen: What did I do?

Shirubabes: Naruto's been eating pretty well, here....

Darian Langely: cruch crunch... I should have known that it was you, fa-er... I mean, Chouji.

Hyuuga Hyou: *sits back in the tent* ~_~

iwantadamnscreen: *looks at Naruto suspiciously, but then turns to Asuma* Hi sensei

iwantadamnscreen: I was looking for you, actually

iwantadamnscreen: Dad and I split up

Shirubabes: *gives Chouji a manly man hug* XD glad to see you buddy.

Shirubabes: Well, cool.

Shirubabes: I think we'll just--

Hyuuga Hyou: ((Is that my cue?))

Shirubabes: whoa.

iwantadamnscreen: *squirms out of hug* Ah, you too, sensei.

Shirubabes: no actually, I think I see a light.

iwantadamnscreen: Wha? I didn't see any light when I was coming over here...

Hyuuga Hyou: Don't walk towards it. We need a sensei here in case something goes wrong.

Darian Langely: ... you split up? aww.... did he send you packing your bags to come here where he doesn't have to deal with how much food you actually consume per hour? ;;>.> we're short on food supplies, you know, so I don't think it's a go

Shirubabes: (actually we were supposed to see the stuff on the other side of the lake and then freak out and make a straegy.)

Darian Langely: * it's a good idea for you to be here, Chouji

Shirubabes: Look across the lake.

iwantadamnscreen: (I know, but Chouji was too busy looking around for things in the immediate area that he didn't see the light--he's still a genin)

Hyuuga Hyou: *looks* N--NANI!? There was a camp there and we didn't see it?! They were using genjutsu. >_<

Darian Langely: .... what about the other side of the lake? *squints to see across the lake through the sheets of rain*

Shirubabes: (Hyou: the plot thing was that lightning strikes and we can see the ninjas so we have to think of a plan,)

Hyuuga Hyou: O_O You know what that means, don't you? They're going to kill us! We're gonna die!

Shirubabes: (yeah good you guys. cool)

Shirubabes: Wait wait...

iwantadamnscreen: Hey, now that you mention it, there is something there, isn't there. And just so you know, Naruto, I brought ramen

Shirubabes: If they see us... wich they probably have...

iwantadamnscreen: Then we ARE gonna die!

Hyuuga Hyou: (I know the plot, Sakura is just overreacting. =\)

Shirubabes: hmmm.

Shirubabes: (okay cool XD)

Shirubabes: Well they'll only come get us if they think they can win.

iwantadamnscreen: Let's get out of here, sensei! There's only four of us here, and... it's us

Shirubabes: let's try to sneak up closer and see how many there are first.

Hyuuga Hyou: Sneak up?! You are insane!

Shirubabes: What are you talking about?

Shirubabes: It's our job to secure the area.

Hyuuga Hyou: If we sneak up, we'll be mincemeat for sure.

Darian Langely: =3 I wanna go! *raises his hand* XD I can now go ahead and kick some butt!

Shirubabes: Next week those kidnergartners will be here.

iwantadamnscreen: The one kind of meat I don't eat

Shirubabes: Think of them.

Shirubabes: What if we run and then those kids get hurt?

Hyuuga Hyou: Think of the children. Right.

Hyuuga Hyou: *nods*

Shirubabes: It's our duty to defend Leaf territory.

iwantadamnscreen: ...they'd better bake cookies for us. LOTS of cookies

Shirubabes: And a Sarutobi doesn't let enemy ninjas camp at his lake!!

Hyuuga Hyou: Hai, hai... sou da... sou...

Hyuuga Hyou: So what do we do?

Shirubabes: Let's try to fool them.

Shirubabes: Naruto.

Darian Langely: ... your lake?

Darian Langely: er... fool them.

Hyuuga Hyou: (XD)

Shirubabes: We have to make them think we have a huge number they won't want to mess with.

Darian Langely: right. ::rolls his eyes::

Shirubabes: *nudges Naruto*

Darian Langely: Er....

Darian Langely: what do you think I can do?

Darian Langely: crap, fool them?

Hyuuga Hyou: ...

Darian Langely: ;;>.>

iwantadamnscreen: ...

Shirubabes: Use your kage bunshin?

Darian Langely: ::then thinks for a minute::

Hyuuga Hyou: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, genius. ~_~ *baps him on the head*

Darian Langely: .... oh, yeah!

Darian Langely: ow!

Shirubabes: Sakura, can you make a lot of noise?

iwantadamnscreen: ...and I got detention with this guy.

Darian Langely: ;;>.> why'd you have to do that, for?

Hyuuga Hyou: ... >.> Must I always explain th--Look! We don't have time to discuss this.

Shirubabes: If Sakura and I each make a couple of normal bunshin, and then Naruto does his thing...

Shirubabes: Chouji, how's your chakra?

Darian Langely: seeing as he's eating the share for what an elephant eats, he's fine

Darian Langely: ::pats chouji on his left shoulder::

iwantadamnscreen: *focuses inward* Pretty good, sensei. I got a good meal before I set--hey, Naruto, what are you implying, huh?

Shirubabes: Let's just try to scare the crap out of them.

iwantadamnscreen: What should I do, sensei?

Hyuuga Hyou: And no, Naruto. Telling that ghost story won't do the trick.

Darian Langely: er.... that eating a lot is Healthy! and you're er.... a healthy guy! Eating a lot shows a lot of inner strength.... and stuff. ;;>.> yeah

Shirubabes: Can you do multi-size?

Darian Langely: Hey, i didn't say anything about scaring the crap out of them with a ghost story. I may be stupid, but I'm not THAT stupid

Hyuuga Hyou: Good. Let's hope not.

iwantadamnscreen: Yeah, sensei, I can do that.

Darian Langely: .... HEY! Watch it, Sakura chan!

Hyuuga Hyou: ~_~ What are you gonna do about it/

Hyuuga Hyou: ?*

Shirubabes: Okay.

Darian Langely: er.... come up with a snarky remark when you do something... er.. not smart! yeah! *crosses his arms and nods sagely*

Hyuuga Hyou: *sighs and covers her face*

Shirubabes: Let's sneak up to conserve chakra, then jump out of the trees near them.

iwantadamnscreen: ...wait, sensei. You don't want me to, uh, do *that*, do you?

Shirubabes: sure!

Darian Langely: *that*? what is *that*?

Hyuuga Hyou: Yeah! Nandayonen!

Darian Langely: ... right. o.O;;

Shirubabes: how do you think they'll react when they see a giant coming for them?

Darian Langely: they'll crap in their pants?

Shirubabes: EXACTLY XD

iwantadamnscreen: *looks fearful*

Shirubabes: *squashes his old cig and lights a new one*

Hyuuga Hyou: Real shinobi wouldn't run away...

Shirubabes: you kids got your kunai and stuff?

Hyuuga Hyou: Hai

Shirubabes: *puts on his knuckle blades*

iwantadamnscreen: *glares at Sakura* Shinobi who value their lives would

Hyuuga Hyou: *blinks*

Shirubabes: Hey now.

Hyuuga Hyou: Real shinobi wouldn't run away.

iwantadamnscreen: (Am I missing a cue?)

Shirubabes: (no)

iwantadamnscreen: (OK, I was confused)

Shirubabes: Chouji, we can do it, I wouldn't take you to do something I didin't think you could do.

Darian Langely: ... I got my kunai and shuriken... and I brough two fuuma shuriken just for fun.

Shirubabes: Oh nice, naruto.

Hyuuga Hyou: Give me one of those.

Darian Langely: ... right.

Darian Langely: as if.

Hyuuga Hyou: ...

Shirubabes: Besides, imagine what Shikamaru and Ino would think. We charged a ninja camp.

Hyuuga Hyou: *baps him on the back of the head* ~_~ Give it to me.

Shirubabes: It is our Leaf territory, and so any iuntruders are definitely up to no good.

iwantadamnscreen: *thinks for a moment* That would be pretty cool. Ino wouldn't make fun of me after that

Darian Langely: ::rubs his head:: Nope. I can handle them pretty well, and I'm gonna have to use both of them if I want to do my naruto Rendan yonsen.

iwantadamnscreen: But we don't know how many there are

Shirubabes: We could all go out for all you can eat and tell them about it, afterwards.

Hyuuga Hyou: I doubt you'll get to use both.

iwantadamnscreen: ...barbeque?

Shirubabes: yeah barbeque!!

Shirubabes: XD

Darian Langely: Oh? I'll have a bunch of kage bunshin out there, and I'll have to use some to replicate the fuuma shuriken.

Hyuuga Hyou: Korean Barbecue? Again? Oh, wait, we haven't even finished the mission yet.

Shirubabes: ^_~

Hyuuga Hyou: And as for the fuuma shiruken, keep you own.

Hyuuga Hyou: your*

Hyuuga Hyou: I don't want it. Let's do this thing!

iwantadamnscreen: OK, sensei. Let's go!

Darian Langely: ... but I need to know how many ninja's asses I'm a gonna kick!

iwantadamnscreen: ...but I want a triple-decker rocky road ice cream sundae afterwards. And Ino has to eat some.

Shirubabes: we'll sneak up, get an idea, and then go.

Darian Langely: er..... LATER, chouji, later.

Shirubabes: Ice cream, got it.

Darian Langely: ok.... you want me to use my kage bunshin right now so that they can scout the place?

Shirubabes: You'll need the extra calories anyway.

Hyuuga Hyou: *gets out a kunai and readies it in her right fist*

iwantadamnscreen: Hey, it's always a good time for ice cream! Besides, you're the one always going off about ramen

Shirubabes: oh, good idea.

Shirubabes: go for it Naruto.

Darian Langely: ;;>.> ramen is the sacred meal of great ninjas!

Hyuuga Hyou: ~_~ Baka.

Darian Langely: XD Like me!

Shirubabes: (lol cute)

Darian Langely: but yeah, I shall go ahead.... crap... stupid rain.....

iwantadamnscreen: *stows large backpack in tent, then changes mind and grabs a bag of Doritos out of one of the pockets*

Shirubabes: *tucks away his hidden pic of Kurenai-sensei*

Shirubabes: (lucky charm ya know.)

iwantadamnscreen: (damn, that's what I forgot! Lucky Charms!)

Shirubabes: >.>

Shirubabes: (lol)
Darian Langely: Oh? I'll have a bunch of kage bunshin out there, and I'll have to use somhin no jutsu!" *and then, several shadow clones that look like Naruto pop u

Shirubabes: (yay)

Darian Langely: * *pop up beside him... seven to be exact*

Darian Langely: okay... I need.... three with me, and four on the other side! *grins broadly* XD Let's scout the thing and be quiet about it!

iwantadamnscreen: *suppresses laughter*

Darian Langely: ::looks back at chouji with a glare:: What? At least I have KAGE bunshin. and you?

Hyuuga Hyou: Baka! Ike!

iwantadamnscreen: (possibly OOC: *holds up bag of chips* I have Nabisco on my side)

Darian Langely: yeah...y eah... ::goes ahead to scout and leaves the others back at the camp site::

iwantadamnscreen: *eats chips at a rapid pace, preparing for the battle ahead*

Darian Langely: ::walks around, moving forward, while his clones move into the opposite direction, keeping a low profile, and then stand watch as to how many ninja are present near the fire....::

Darian Langely: ::naruto then seems to be careful about some traps that might have been present, and instructs his clones likewise... until he gets into a safe distance between himself and the ninja that are near the bonfire::

Darian Langely: ::he then uses his fingers to count how many ninja there were, minus any shadows that he might have thought to have been ninjas that were hiding... or something, and then dismissed the fact, when he saw that there were only four nin

Darian Langely: "crap.... hidden rain ninjas... eh? no wonder there was rain all this time... stupid rain...." he said in a quiet whisper

Hyuuga Hyou: That idiot better hurry...

iwantadamnscreen: *finishes bag, pulls out another*

Hyuuga Hyou: Rain Nin: *sitting at campfire, readying to attack the others*

Darian Langely: ::He then lets his bunshins dissapear and comes back as quickly as possible to the camp::

Darian Langely: o_o! Asuma sensei! There are 4 rain nins there! -_-;; crap... water type attacks.... but good ol' taijutsu can make their sorry asses that they ever came to Konoha! ::grins::

iwantadamnscreen: Water type? *thinks*

Shirubabes: water attacks eh?

Shirubabes: sounds like fun. *grins*

Shirubabes: let's go, team.

Hyuuga Hyou: Will I just use genjutsu?

Hyuuga Hyou: I won't be able to use much else against them...

Shirubabes: you can use bunshin, and make a lot of noise

Shirubabes: your projectile attacks are good, as well

iwantadamnscreen: Hey sensei, should I use the *whispers* Meat Tank?

Shirubabes: yeah, well make noise, scare them, then bowl them over

iwantadamnscreen: *takes a deep breath and talks to self* Rocky road... Gonna be cool...

Shirubabes: Okay, let's get going!

Shirubabes: move quiet until we get around the lake.

Shirubabes: *jumps to trees*

Darian Langely: ::moves in after Asuma as quietly as possible::

Shirubabes: (lol Asuma running on trees is pretty laughable)

Hyuuga Hyou: *jumps out and hides quickly, then as close to the camp as she feels comfortable with*

Darian Langely: (=3 He be t3h big-boned one. yup, a bit laughable.)

iwantadamnscreen: *follows at rear*

Shirubabes: (omg the running in ninja-space)

Darian Langely: (gah, brb. I'll be back asap)

Shirubabes: (ok)

Shirubabes: we'll run XD

Hyuuga Hyou: ((I can't stay for much longer))

iwantadamnscreen: ((Neither can I))

iwantadamnscreen: ((Though actually, this is a good point to post at, if you pretend everybody is mentally connected to LJ))

Darian Langely: (er... back. Stupid nosebleed. >_.> ::then thinks to himself "stupid... stupid idiot.... me letting them go like that..." ::

iwantadamnscreen: Hope they keep running for a while... Hey Naruto, let's head back. We should report to sensei

Darian Langely: ... yeah... I guess you're right. ::hops down to the ground without a hitch:: You ok there, Chouji? And what happened to Asuma sensei/ i thought that I saw one of those stupid ninjas get him badly.

iwantadamnscreen: Yeah. *frowns* We should head back pretty quick

Shirubabes: I'm all right, guys, are you?

Shirubabes: *huffing* XD

iwantadamnscreen: I'm fine, Asuma-sensei

Darian Langely: Yeah... same here. Whoa, what happened to your shoulder?

iwantadamnscreen: Is it bad?

Shirubabes: oh this? just a scratch.

Shirubabes: nothin' big.

Hyuuga Hyou: *just behind Asuma*

Shirubabes: *winks*

Shirubabes: chicks dig scars, you know.

iwantadamnscreen: *blinks, then, figuring the coast is clear, pulls his bag of chips out again, only to find that they're all crushed*

Shirubabes: well, let' me wrap this up, then let's scout their camp area and see if we can't turn up some clues.

Shirubabes: (is this a good place to stop?)

[User Picture]From: lazy_sensei
2004-04-20 08:25 pm (UTC)
Good job team! Way to go. I'm proud of you three!
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[User Picture]From: love_rules
2004-04-26 01:31 pm (UTC)
Oh, it was nothing, Asuma-sensei! We just had to stick together and work as a team, and we can't be beaten!
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